Frequently Asked Questions

Who can belong to NOSFCU?

  • All North Olmsted School Employees and their families

  • North Olmsted High School students and their families.
  • Organizations, Parishioners and Employees of Saint Clarence Church 

  • Employees of Carat-Coin-Collectibles

  • Employees of Ream Builders, Inc.

  • Members of the North Olmsted High School Alumni Association

  • Employees of Zergott Landscaping Inc.

  • Students attending the Burke School of Irish Dance in Fairview, OH. 11/27/01

What about family members?
Spouses, children, parents, brothers, sisters, stepchildren, stepparents, grandchildren, grandparents and their spouses are eligible to become members once you’re a member.

What kind of accounts do you offer?
Upon establishment of a regular share (savings) account, the member has access to…

Checking Accounts
Escrow Accounts
ATM cards
Master Card Debit Card
Christmas Club
Vacation Club
Direct Deposit

  • Purchase or Refinance
  • Debt Consolidation Programs
Home Equity Loans
New and Used Car Loans
Signature Loans
Boat and Camper Loans
One-year Share Certificates
Six-month Share Certificates
…and more!

How do I find out who is on my account?
Call the office and we will look at your account card.

Who can get information about my account?
Only those listed as a joint owner on your account. The beneficiary is only informed at the time of death. Only a court order would allow access to information on your account.

Can I have my paycheck direct deposited to the Credit Union?
Yes, as long as your employer is set up for Direct Deposit, any part of your pay can come directly to the Credit Union. We have the appropriate forms for you to take to your employer. Also, Social Security benefits can be Direct Deposited.

Can I make my loan payments through Direct Deposit?
Yes, we can process your loan payment from money sent by your employer.

What if Direct Deposit is not available?
You can send your deposit or loan payment through the mail, or you can stop by the office, or deposits can be made through the ATM. We can also process most requests over the phone. (withdrawals, transfers, etc.)

Soldier & Sailor’s Civil Relief Act:
If you have been called to active duty, please call us immediately. This includes all persons in the National Guard, Reserves, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard. Persons training under the supervision of the U.S. as preliminary to introduction to military service, officers of the Public Health Service detailed for duty with the military services, and all persons who have been ordered to report for induction are included.

US Patriot Act:
New members may be required to provide additional forms of identification due to the requirements of the US Patriot Act. Your cooperation is necessary.

What is Regulation D?
It is a Federal Regulation, which limits the number of transfers, withdrawals and third party payments that can be made from aregular share account. Transactions performed electronically or with the use or aid of an electronic device are subject to the limitation. (Transactions made in person at the credit union are not subject to limitations.) Electronic transactions are limited to6 per month from a regular share account. 

The best way to avoid any limitation problems with your share account is to deposit your funds into your checking account and use this account for all your electronic transactions.