Direct Deposit

ACH (Direct Deposit)

You can have all or part of your pay, retirement, IRS refund or Social Security sent to your account at NOSEFCU. It can go to a checking or savings account and make your monthly or semi-monthly loan payments. Your monthly utility bills can also be taken out of your account. Call the office for details.

Note: We are now receiving direct deposits from other companies. If you’re making monthly loan payments, we will be glad to send you a payroll deduction card.

IRS Direct…Quick, safe and easy

IRS Direct…That, in a nutshell, describes the quick, safe and easy way to get your IRS tax refund delivered to you. If you are one of the millions of taxpayers eligible for direct deposit of your tax refund, you can now take advantage of a convenient service provided to you by the IRS and your credit union.

Working with your credit union, the IRS will transmit your tax refund directly to your credit union account. The benefits to you are:

  • Quicker–According to the IRS, direct deposit of your return will enable the IRS to deposit your refund up to 3 weeks earlier than if you were to receive it by mail. Thus, the money goes directly into your account and the credit union records receipt immediately. This allows for your tax refund to be put to work right away.
  • Safer–There is no check to get lost or stolen.
  • Easier–There’s no need to arrange for a deposit or special trip to the credit union; especially if you’re going to be away from home when it is expected to arrive.

Take advantage of this convenient way to deposit your refund. Simply include your credit union information directly on your IRS 1040 form in the section labeled “Refund.”